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Backwoods Cigars Honey Berry


Category:Machine Made Cigars
Ring Gauge:27
Length:4 1/8
Package Type:Packs
Flavor:Honey Berry
Categories: ,

Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars were introduced in the year 1981 and they were a success from the very beginning. These cigars are perhaps most distinguishable by their unfinished heads. Made from all-natural tobacco, each stick tapers down a frayed foot, rendering a rustic look and offering an intensely aromatic smoke.

Backwoods Cigars come in a foil airtight pouch, which retains the cigars unique taste and aroma and also maintains a relatively high moisture level. In addition to this, these cigars have a strongly flavored filler and a mild-bodied smoke which lends them a certain macho appeal. These cigars are made of a 100% natural blend of mellow tobaccos and are infused with sweet honey berry flavors. Their unique style, taste, packaging and aroma make Backwoods the number one selling all-natural cigars in the world. They come in a box of 40 pieces, divided into 8 packs of 5.


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