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Crave carts

(14 customer reviews)


Crave carts have been found with GREEN oil! · Meet Cravemeds! ·

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How to buy Crave carts online is very simple and easy. Like any other cart in the market, crave meds is pesticide free and there is no other place to get a lab tested and verified crave meds than thc vape daily.

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Crave carts
order Crave carts online

When placing your order with us, always verify your delivery information which you fill in our check-out form. cravemeds website

Crave Meds Premium Live Resin Carts

Join the Crave wave and try out their Liquid Diamonds x Live Resin THC carts! They are fire just like their edibles!

Crave live resin

Crave Meds Premium Live Resin carts have hit our shelves and also need to hit your lips! These carts are absolute fire! Made with the finest Live Resin and organic cannabis terpenes. Crave Live Resin carts are made for any flavor profile that anybody is in to. From all the fruity flavors they’ve created on their own the traditional cannabis strains, they have the flavor for you. Each cart is 1000 Mg or 1 gram of boom on your tongue and in your mind. You’ll feel the potency and flavor on the onset of your first rip. More of their flavors will be added. Join the Crave Wave and see what they creations they’ll have for you to try! Anybody who’s tried their products know that they don’t mess around when it comes to quality!


The Crave Med cartridge hits extraordinary! There is no drag and hits can be enormous. The glass is feeble and is split after dropping it, however, fortunately, it happens when there isn’t a great deal of THC oil remaining. On the off chance that we needed to figure its very a fired base vape cartridge like CCELL. This oil cartridge has a blemish that is seen with a couple of others, it won’t vape the whole THC oil. It is anything but a great deal that remaining parts however there is a modest quantity left that

Crave meds disposable



Sour diesel, pina colada,, bluekberry,, thin mint,, strawberry,, mango, blue dream,, candy cloud,, pink lemonade,, grape,, durban prison,, king louie,, grand daddy,, grape aid,, apple pie,, do si dos,, pineapple express,, berry banana, fruity pebbles

14 reviews for Crave carts

  1. Jasmine Mohr

    THIS IS POTENT AF!! Just one piece had me feeling gooood for the rest of the night. I woke up feeling high still. 10 OUT OF 10!!!!

  2. lyne kay

    good product good service

  3. Brain Hector

    Am giving a four star because they delay to deliver as they promised but the product was original

  4. Roselle Amie

    If you are looking for the high I highly recommend this it’s top notch

  5. adam (verified owner)

    recommend this mfs a 100 times

  6. Lonerwithaboner420

    You still alive? Looking at grabbing a a couple of these today.

  7. James williams

    Your shit look pretty good

  8. Jace

    Just for it

  9. Abid Williams

    Thanks for my package is awesome

  10. Lowrance James

    I love the crave carts and the new brands you gave me is one of a kind

  11. Edmond peter

    You promise me a discount Don’t for get that

  12. John kum

    crave carts my best brand

  13. Elicia wiedeth

    Getting my paycheck tomorrow will come for more

  14. Roland jim

    You got the best shit man

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