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3chi carts

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3chi carts

3chi carts reputation for quality and reliability has made it the most popular delta 8 retailer in the USA. The Midwest company has sold tens of thousands of premium vape cartridges to countless users seeking legal THC. Of the more than 30 unique cartridge options, several continue to stand out as truly beloved blends — the kind users return to time and time again.

Using sales data and over 1,300+ customer reviews, here are the top five all-time most popular and best 3Chi delta 8 vape carts.


1. Pineapple Express – Best all time classic

2. Blue Dream – Best for warm and fuzzing feelings

3. Green Crack – Best for Energy

4. Granddaddy Purple – Best for Sleep

5. Granddaddy Pluto – Best for Relaxation and Relief

Gary Payton,

Special sauce,

Incredible hulk,

Pineapple cake,

Lemon gelato,


Green crack,

Blue dream,

Lifter strain,

OG kush,

Caribbean dream,

Tangie strain,

Pineapple express,

Clementine strain


Gary Payton,, Granddaddy Pluto, Special sauce,, Granddaddy Purple, Incredible hulk,, Pineapple cake,, Lemon gelato,, Snowman,, Green crack,, Blue dream,, Lifter strain,, OG kush,, Caribbean dream,, Tangie strain,, Pineapple express,, Clementine strain

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    Looking up for a bigger order this time

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